Winter Maintenance Package

Sick of going out of your cozy home, starting your frozen car, driving to the campground, checking over your trailer and shoveling snow, after walking through your park in knee high snow, then driving back home again? THEN DONT!

My winter maintenance package does this for you. You stay cozy and let me do the hard work. I will go in check over your trailer and report back to you if there are any problems. I will shovel the snow off your roof if it is needed, and keep an eye out for any concerns. This package is only $99.99 plus hst per month.

I need a minimum of 10 trailers per park for this rate. I will travel out of my local area but rates do tend to increase as travel increases! I have many valuable customers that have enjoyed this package for years now and are NEVER disappointed. Call me to book your trailer in now!

My New Ride!!

2018 Ram 1500 Sport

If your wondering what all I do here is a list for quick and easy browsing:

May as well ROCK SOME HIP while your here!!

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If your like me and take advantage of saving money, then I am here to help you! Over the winter months everyone thinks that I just have 6 months off to myself....HA HA..I WISH!

I am busy working indoors doing both major and minor repairs while YOU are on camping down-time! I have an outdoor storage lot where I store my winter projects and just pull them in and out all winter long. Usually I do a lot of floor repair, or replacing rubber roofs. I also do brakes and bearings, complete interior over hauls and wall delamination. OH...I cant forget about those tent trailer cables replacements too.

Really there is no job to big or small, but why wait until the beginning of the season to have your repairs done?

I like to take my time through the winter (yes I own a snowmobile and I like to use it), but major repairs can be costly so when I am in a more laid back environment I help you save some money. My hourly rate is at least $20/hr cheaper then most dealerships, plus for these bigger jobs I will quote you per job instead of hourly. Find a dealer that does that!

Give me a call and set up your trailer today. My storage fee for the winter is $180/trailer. I ONLY STORE TRAILERS THAT I WORK ON!!

Thanks for taking the time to browse my site!!!

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Here for ALL your RV Needs!!

The RV PIC Gallary


Common issues that I see daily

(its up to you, but I know money does not burn holes in your pocket!!)


We all love the close interactions with natures animals, but do you know how many MAJOR repairs I have done, because these little creatures have gotten so comfortable with you?

They will get in your roof, they will get in your floor, good bye money. I say no more!


Really once you have had your awning in and out 10 times its pretty easy right?

Then why do you leave them out while your gone for a couple days or off to work for the week?

You can buy as many fancy little add-ons or tie downs as you want to...They don't save you from "THE WIND".

The Appliance GRAVEYARD!

I know when its beautiful out it seems crazy to start your furnace, or when its cool start your A/C.

Leaving your appliances sitting and doing nothing for a period of time makes them 1. Harder to get going if you can or 2 gives lovely little flies, bees, wasps or spiders a spot to make they're home. Running them once or twice a month for 10 minutes or so may save you money in the long run.

- Complete and partial roof repairs or Roof coating

- Rotten floor replacement

- Inspections

- Towing (as big as a 3/4 ton can pull)

- Trailer Leveling

- Appliance repair and replacement

(A/C's, water heaters, furnaces, washer dryer etc.)

- Audio/Video (I don't set up satellites)

- Interior repair - water damage, new counter tops etc.

- Exterior repair - paneling, delamination, windows etc

- Peeling and replacing old dried out caulking

- LP propane repair

- ALL electrical work (except on the campground side)

- In park under trailer animal spray - Made from a homemade hot pepper mix

- Winterizing - In campgrounds, your house or mine

- All plumbing work including faucet and toilet replacements or upgrades

- Accessory add on's (the list is huge)  

- Awning repair or replacement

- Insurance quotes and repair work

- Tent trailer cable replacements

- Tent trailer canvas (replacement only)

- So basically you name it I do it. The list of things I don't do go as the following:

ha ha!